Would You Like To Host A Workshop For Our Community?

Join Our Professionals Mastermind Today and Start Generating New Clients by Hosting Educational Workshops.

Requirements For Memberships

We have strict requirements for who we allow into our community. There is a an application and interview process for all new members.

  • Focus On Education - All through your background and credentials are important, providing valuable education needs to be the focus of every presentation.
  • Support each other - You are expected to provide positive encouragement and be supportive in each other's well-being. Causing harm to anyone in the community will result in an immediate termination.
  • No Hard Selling - There is an art form to producing an event that people both enjoy and feel inspired to take action. We will teach you this methodology. Hard selling is not allowed and will result in your membership being revoked.

Our mission is to provide a fun, interactive environment for people to make friends and learn about retirement.