Our Mission Is Simple

We Are Looking For Qualified Estate Attorneys We Can Nurture In Growing Their Business While Simultaneously Providing Goodwill To Our Community.


Can You Challenge A Will?

Here's What You Get As A Member:

  • Authority Positioning Within Our Community
  • Guaranteed Households To Your PLC Events
  • Training To Produce PLC Events
  • Access To Private Attorney Mastermind

Members Get Their Own Fully Automated
Planning Community Event

Prospecting is hard, time consuming, and difficult to scale. Our educational platform will quickly become the center piece in your marketing. This unique platform will turn cold prospects into hot leads who are ready to buy your services, and its completely automated!

  • Authority Introduction - Each event includes an introduction from our community manager talking about your qualifications and why we sought you out to be the presenter.
  • Trusted Registration Page - Each event includes an evergreen registration page hosted by us (a trusted third party) increasing the likelihood of people registering and attending your event.
  • We Do All The Setup - No complicated click funnels or marketing software, we provide 1-on-1 support and the platform lives on our servers, where we manage it.
  • Key Metrics Provided - When it comes to growing any business it’s all about the numbers. We provide you with key metrics so you know exactly how your event is performing and provide suggestions if we see areas of improvement.
  • Use It With Referrals - Invite any referrals you get to attend your event. This will position you as authority and increase the likelihood of the sale closing before you spend anytime speaking to them!
  • Use In Your Existing Marketing -  One of the biggest benefits is promoting it in your existing marketing. Some ideas include embedding links on your website, LinkedIn articles, blogs, social media, and sending it to your email list.
  • We Provide Attendees - In certain markets there may be availability for us to provide attendees to your event and make you a featured host within our website and retirement community. 

Members Get Access To Exclusive Training On
How To Succeed With Planning Community Events

Creating an event that turns prospects into clients is a delicate art form so we provide training videos, 1-on-1 support, and examples from other members to make sure you get it right the first time.

  • Membership Portal - You will get access to a private membership portal that has training videos, and access to all the resources you need to succeed
  • 1-on-1 Support - We include 1-on-1 support with reviewing your webinar content and getting it launched. We will be there each step of the way to answer any questions you might have and make the process as painless as possible.
  • Example Webinars & Industry Stats - Since we are running events in so many different markets we are able to provide industry stats and examples of what is currently working in the marketplace today.

Members Get Access To Group

Coaching Calls Hosted By Industry Leaders

Twice a month you will be able to join a coach over zoom for a 90 minute group call. Each call will have a topic related to questions submitted by other members.

  • Member Hot Seat - Get selected for the hot seat and have your firm featured to work 1-on-1 with the coach to implement action steps live on the call.
  • Solve Your Challenges - Each call has a different topic based on specific challenges members are facing. Some of the topics include; marketing, hiring, cash flow and systems.
  • Group Motivation - When it comes to being a professional one of the hardest things to do is keep pushing yourself to new levels. You will get a kick in the butt and be inspired by hearing about other members' success.
  • Powerful Topics - We are always sharing the latest strategies and marketing tactics that are currently working for community members.

Accelerate Your Growth By Working Alongside A Select Group Of Professionals and Industry Leaders

  • Thrive In An Environment Of Like-Minded People - Being a professional is hard. You face challenges and have a workload that no one else can relate to. You need to be surrounded by like-minded people who will bring out the best in you.
  • Get Access To A Business Coach - You will have the ability to submit questions and get answers in a group format directly from one of our veteran coaches who has worked with countless professionals and solved thousands of challenges. 
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes - All of our members come into the program with invaluable experience and extensive backgrounds. You will be able to learn the strategies and methods that actually work from some of the most effective professionals in business today.
  • Find Solutions to Your Challenges - Bring your challenges to other professionals who can help you come up with a solution that is a win win for everyone on your team.

Requirements For Memberships

Because it's so important that we keep the Planning Community brand in good standing we have strict requirements for who we allow on the platform. There is a required application and interview process.

  • Keep information confidential - Mastermind members are sharing trade secrets about what is currently working in their business, no information can be shared outside of the community.
  • Be vulnerable - Having the willingness to be honest about what is really going on in your business is the culture we stand by and ensures coaches can help you succeed.
  • Support each other - You are expected to provide positive encouragement and be supportive in each other's well-being. Bullying or causing harm to other members will result in an immediate termination.
  • No Hard Selling - There is an art form to producing an event that people enjoy and feel inspired to book in a consultation. We will teach you this methodology. Hard selling is not allowed and will result in your membership being revoked. We are here to help you. Ask if you have questions.

Top 5 Reasons Professionals Are Joining

  • Looking For A Scalable Marketing Solution that takes little time from them so they can focus on serving their clients instead of prospecting.
  • Feeling frustrated they haven't reached their goals and are wanting to know how others are doing it.
  • Stressed from working 80+ hour weeks and know that by having the right systems things will be much easier.
  • Looking for like-minded people to increase their chances of success.
  • Having leadership challenges and need support with finding top talent.

Here's What People Are Saying About 

The Planning Community Events

A helpful introduction by knowledgeable professionals

Deborah L., maryland

Yesterday I attended an educational workshop sponsored by the Planning Community. The Workshop was a helpful introduction by knowledgeable, established professionals. Both presenters provided the information and case studies. Presenters were available for Q&A. I highly recommend the Planning Community and will gladly join future events.

It took a foreign concept and made it very easy to understand. The pace was fantastic; just the right amount of information.

Sally S., Georgia

I plan to get the rest of my questions answered at the free private consultation. Well done and a good service. Thank you.

Bea T., minneapolis

The information presented was valuable to me. I liked that it was clear, concise, fast moving, had examples and under an hour.

Laura M., Colorado

Here's What Professionals Are Saying About 

Our Educational Platform

"I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in a virtual environment."

michael m., Colorado

"The way I build my pipeline of referrals has always been with workshops at libraries, community centers and restaurants. On May 7, 2020, all of those venues were closed due to CoVid-19. I thought I was out of business. Spencer started marketing my workshops using webinars and online advertising.  I am now doing 4-5 Zoom meetings a day and my caseload is actually expanding rather than contracting. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in marketing and growing their business using a virtual environment.

"If you're looking for a way to grow your business, I highly recommend the Planning Community."

Felipe Y., Colorado

"I reduced my workload by 20 hours a week! Now I Can focus on what I enjoy most, growing my company!"

Henry K. | New York

"After a little set up work, this method runs in the background so it takes very little of my time."

bruce l., Colorado

"We have so much automation, that by the time I'm involved it's a really hot lead."


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Your Typically Attendee For The Events?

Our community is for people in or near retirement. That being said the average attendee is 62 years old, with around 800K in assets. It's not uncommon to find outliers with more. It varies a lot based the geological area. We work with you to target attendees in higher net worth zip codes.

What Kind Of Professionals Can Join?

We are focused on recruiting Estate Planning Attorneys and Financial Advisors. However any kind of professional who works with people preparing for retirement is welcome to submit an application. If we feel it is the right fit, we will reach out and continue the conversation.

I submitted an application. Will I be accepted?

Everyone who submits an application goes through a verification process and then interview to ensure they are a good fit for the planning community brand. If you do not meet our requirements, you will not be accepted.

Can my membership be revoked?

As a mission driven company, it is important that we are helping each other & providing value to our retirement community. If you cannot do this, your membership will be immediately revoked.

Is My Territory Available?

Each Professional has their own territory.  Territories are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. There is very limited availability. Please complete your application to find out what territories are available.

What Questions Can I Ask And What Will I Learn?

There’s no limit to what you can ask and what you can get help with. Our community has members who are established industry leaders and others who are just starting out. We guarantee that you’re going to find a lot of value here. On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you’ll share that and help others through their journey. This is a win-win community.

What Is The Compliance Approval Process?

For Estate Attorneys there is generally no compliance process. For Financial Advisors what you need to know is you are provided us with an educational video. No products are promoted. It's likely compliance will need to only approve the recording.

What if I have more questions?

You can email us at [email protected] and we can answer any additional questions you have. If you are interested in membership, please see if you qualify, we can not accept any new members with out this completed.