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What You'll Learn

  • Why people in or near retirement are at the most risk in today's volatile market
  • The mathematics of loss and how to use it to your favor
  • The wrong and right way to harvest a retirement account and how drawdowns affect your returns
  • How to produce a positive return even when markets are falling
  • A simple strategy that will minimize risk while maximizing returns
  • How to hedge your existing portfolio to protect against a potential down market

Why Attend This Workshop

Understanding how to invest in retirement is the difference between those who thrive or struggle in their retirement years.

By understanding the basics you'll sleep better at night knowing you won't run out of money.

By not protecting your retirement savings you are potentially adding to the number of years you will have to work until you can retire.

We invite you to join us for this community event where we will focus on reducing risks in retirement.

There is no cost to attend and you can submit questions! Just register with one of the available dates...

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The information presented at this workshop is intended for general purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. You should contact your investment advisory to obtain advice with respect to any particular investment matter.

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